Leslie Wertz

Mortgage Advisor

About Me

What makes me different?

I blend financial finesse with joy and the fun of homeownership to make the lending experience an easy one. Not only crafting loans but building lasting relationships, appreciating referrals that sprinkle my professional journey with warmth and trust. Outside the numbers, I savor moments with family and friends, tinker as an amateur chef, find joy in the Loan Star State, and embrace the beauty of Mary Kay and the grace of Jesus. For your mortgage needs, “Say Leslie”

What makes us different?

Our vision is to make a difference in our client’s lives. We realize we can make the biggest difference for clients by saving them money through a low interest rate, reliable experience, and a simple process. We can save clients’ money by running the company differently. Unlike most retail lenders, we literally shop for the best rate upfront among multiple competing banks and investors. We are not committed to just one funding source for rates. Most retail lenders and banks can only provide their upfront rate offering and do not offer the same rate shopping feature. Next, we have eliminated many of the typical industry expenses that cause higher rates like layers of sales management, loan officer recruiting staff, sign-on bonuses, marketing staff and excessive commercial space. Typical expenses have no direct benefit to the consumer, and they cause higher rates. Next, our technology allows us to work efficiently from a digital platform. Digital loan requests are efficient and less costly to process. Low overhead, efficient technology and competing funding sources allow us to offer low rates and achieve our vision of making a difference in our client’s lives.

What are my professional credentials?

In practice since 1996. D Magazine’s Top Producer Develop and Teach continuing Education Classes. Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram

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