Ian Hill

Mortgage Advisor

About Me

Hello. My name is Ian Hill. I was born in Dallas, TX and moved back to DFW from Louisiana in 2018. I am here with my girlfriend Monica, our cat Pudgy, and our dog Zoey. Becoming a professional in multiple roles throughout the mortgage process has given me a true understanding of what is needed to purchase a home. As a mortgage loan officer, my goal is to help people understand what to expect throughout the process and make it as seamless as possible. I do this by appreciating the importance of real estate as a wealth and financial independence building tool. I continue to educate myself for my family and look to pass on my knowledge to others.

Back in 2013 I watched my family go through the foreclosure process leaving me with the dream of one day being able to buy back my family’s home. I have used that motivation to become the person that my family and friends could depend on for proper information and guidance when purchasing a home. I have done extensive research on real estate investment strategies, built a network of dependable professionals within this space, and continue to educate myself on the market and changes in our industry.

The process of homeownership can be overwhelming. For this reason, it is important to look for someone who is committed to helping you understand what you are purchasing. I have dedicated my career to becoming a light in this industry by educating my borrowers, helping consumers over hurdles, and assisting them through the world of real estate. If homeownership is a part of your American dream, I would be honored to assist you in making that dream a reality.

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